Why Fractional ownership?

Instead of buying an entire luxury property, which even if you could afford it, is likely to become a millstone around your neck, you buy a share of the property. Usually the share ranges from a quarter to a twelfth. This gives owners the right to stay at the property for the corresponding fraction of the year, spread across the low, mid and peak seasons. A management company maintains the property and each fractional owner contributes to an annual maintenance fund. If owners do not want to spend their whole allocation at the property they are free to rent out some of their weeks, making a tidy sum in the process. Alternatively some management companies offer to take weeks off the owners` hands and rent them out to cover management and maintenance fees. To many people this is the ultimate “no hassle” option. They can turn up to a beautiful resort and spend their chosen weeks relaxing in an immaculately maintained property with no additional costs.

Fractional ownership offers an equity stake in the property itself – the bricks and mortar.

So what happens if you want to sell up and move on?

You have the right to sell your share either to the management company or on the open market. Our plan has an agreed sell on point – after 16 years the fractional owners jointly agree at the outset that the property will be sold and the original investment plus the added value shared between them.
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